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Our early literacy coaches deliver weekly literacy intervention lessons to preschool centers around Hillsborough County. This page highlights some of those activities. 

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All About Earthworms

This month one of our ELM coaches, Kellie Hales, decided to do a literacy through science lesson on earthworms. Kellie read a nonfiction book and did several experiments with the children, but she also provided the classroom with live worms and a habitat (worm farm). The classroom is now able to log the transformation of the worm farm in various ways; for example, counting the number of tunnels/worms they see (math) or observing the amount of food the worms have eaten and making predictions (science).

Pictured: Steps to Maturity VPK classroom


be brave little one.jpg
Be Brave to Teach Brave

By Lynn Mendelsohn

April 2019 Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

Guest Editor: Marni Fuente