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Our mission is to promote success in school and life for preschool age children, their families and their early childhood teachers in under-served areas of Hillsborough County, Florida.

Literacy Intervention Program

We provide educational screening of important early reading skills as well as intervention for children who are struggling with these skills. The program’s goal is to identify children who are behind for their age in these skills and to provide them with instruction to better prepare them for kindergarten.

In addition, ELM offers a kindergarten transition program that runs throughout the year and is designed to educate parents on the developmental expectations of children, school readiness skills, and strategies for supporting skill development.


Community Outreach

Early Literacy Matters believes it take a village to provide the strongest foundation for children. We have worked with the community to promote healthy development and education of young children and their families.  Community Outreach projects have included:

  • Hillsborough County Story-Telling Event

  • Connecting the Generations—Assisted Living

  • Family Support and Resource Centers

  • Imagination Library Companion Program

  • Preschool Family Events

  • Week of the Young Child

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