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Approach in Action:


After assessment, ELM coaches provide enrolled children with a minimum of twelve and up to twenty weeks of early literacy lessons-- intervention--using the scientifically-based Nemours BrightStart! Literacy Curriculum.

Once classroom teachers and their classroom environments are assessed, ELM coaches model and explain literacy approaches and developmentally appropriate, evidence-based preschool practice to teachers throughout the project year. This is to improve teachers' existing abilities, help them develop new skills, and encourage them to build children's emergent literacy. It is possible for some teachers and centers to be involved with ELM for multiple project years.

The coaching elements are:

  • Building positive and professional relationships (mutual respect and trust)

  • Making data and evidence-informed decisions

  • Developing listening and questioning skills which yield problem solving (Substantive Conversation)

  • Learning how to offer purposeful instruction- developing, modeling, reflecting and refining

  • Helping directors and teachers create a "center-wide" approach

  • Professional and self-development 


Parents of children in the ELM program are continuously provided with information and activities to help support literacy in the home throughout the project year. Coaches engage parents through open houses set up to foster home-school literacy connections. 

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